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AXLR8 Equine

APEX™ Muscle and Topline Conditioner

APEX™ Muscle and Topline Conditioner

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Australian made, with Australian Products!

Our APEX Muscle & Topline Conditioner is a premium nutritional supplement for equines, designed to support muscle development & recovery.

Formulated with whey protein isolate with less than 3.5% lactose, we have added soy for a superior amino acid profile. APEX is the first topline & muscle support product that contains protein, fat and carbohydrate sources. APEX does not contain any synthetic additives or appetite stimulants.

The addition of stabilised coconut fat, plasma & collagen make APEX a perfect balance of macronutrient to support energy, muscle growth and recovery. For owners who are meticulous with their horse's starch intake, we're delighted to tell you that APEX contains less than 5% starch.

APEX mixes really well in water and can also be used as a post-workout drink with your REVIVAL electrolyte for the ultimate in recovery. 


  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Soy Protein Isolate
  • Stabilised Fat (coconut oil)
  • Plasma (dried)
  • Collagen Type I and II

Feeding Instructions

Always introduce new supplementation to your horses diet gradually.
We recommend 1-2 heaped scoops for a 500kg horse.
Each scoop measures level to approximately 30g

How do I feed APEX?

We are yet to hear a complaint in the taste department, with all horses loving APEX. All of our products are water soluble though, use your AXLR8 shaker to mix with water & add to feed!

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Got questions? We have em' covered

How long until I see results?

While every horse is individual, we would expect by the completion of your first 4kg tub of APEX that you will see noticeable results. Most of our customers report to us of changes within 14 days!

Isn't high protein better?

Short answer - no! While protein is the building block to muscle development & organ function, excess protein may cause a range of health issues, including inflammation and highly acidic urea output which wreaks havoc on horses airways when stabled. We have formulated APEX to include protein, carbs and fats - a balanced macronutrient profile of three key nutrient types. Check out Dr Jyme Nichols episode on Protein percent doesn't matter for your horse!!

Isn't whey & soy protein bad for adult horses?

Whey protein is considered suboptimal for adult horses due to the lactose standard whey contains. That's why we have stripped it out! We use high isolate whey and soy proteins, which means lactose is significantly reduced, while still delivering a fantastic amino acid profile. We don't add any synthetic aminos to our formulation, which means high bioavailability!

Added plasma? Why though

Great question! There are over 600 studies and counting of multi-species use of plasma and their benefits to overall health & well-being. Dr Jyme Nichols from The Feed Room Chemist recently distributed a podcast episode on the benefits of Plasma - Episode 118!

Benefits of Oral Plasma

Benefits of Plasma in Ulcers

Oral Plasma & Gait Kinematics

Um, APEX is expensive. Do you do smaller packs?

We pride ourselves on the premium, fixed recipe of ingredients we use to formulate APEX. When looking at the competitors within this space, we are competitively priced at less than a cup of coffee per day, considering all three macronutrient groups are included with added plasma & collagen.

If you have a particularly fussy eater, we can offer 'taste test' packs, just email us!

How long will an APEX tub last?

You'll expect to use one 4kg APEX tub within 114 serves - approximately 6-8 weeks for one horse.

Is this safe for laminitis or metabolic horses?

Each horse is individual, with their management for metabolic or laminitis issues - so in the first instance we would always encourage you to talk with your veterinarian. APEX is formulated with less than 5% NSC (non-structural carbohydrates) and the addition of fat has been shown to stabilise the insulin response post-feeding.