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AXLR8 Equine

REVIVAL Electrolyte

REVIVAL Electrolyte

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Australian Made with Australian Ingredients!

Premium electrolyte with superior water solubility. Our Revival formulation is an Isotonic balanced electrolyte and recovery formula with volatile fatty acid salts to optimise energy supply and recovery. Delivering superior cellular uptake, rapid rehydration & energy.

Did you know all electrolytes should be fed dissolved for best results? Water is the only carrier of electrolytes and must be absorbed into cells via H2O! Add our AXLR8 shaker for conveniance & quick administration!

Feeding Instructions

Our REVIVAL Electroyltes have superior water solubility.
We recommend 1-2 heaped scoops for a 500kg horse.
Each scoop measures level to approximately 30g

REVIVAL will gel quickly if allowed to stand. If gelling occurs, restir or remix gel solution with water and feed straight away.


  • Sodium Chloride (50g/kg)
  • Salts of Volitile Fatty Acids (120g/kg)
  • Psyllium Husk
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin C
  • Sugars (500g/kg)
  • Zero Bicarbonate!
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